Want to Conquer Your Marketing Overwhelm?

If you are feeling more than a little weighed down and confused by marketing, you are certainly not the only one. 

Thousands of small business owners just like you are not achieving the results they would like from their marketing efforts.

We all delay things we want to do. You're not alone, and that's part of the solution.

Get the momentum going with the support and encouragement of the Daily Action Marketing Group, where everyone is as committed to your success and to taking action as you.

The Truth About Marketing Your Business...

1% of business owners have great success with their marketing.

The other 99% stumble around in overwhelm, fail to follow through, and never get real results.

Which group do you belong to?

Here's the truth when it comes to marketing your business: There is a massive divide between the exceptional business owners who hit marketing home runs , and those who never will.

If you're someone who has...

  • Hundreds of incredible marketing ideas but get stuck actually implementing them.
  • Tried everything to stay motivated with your marketing but still struggle to finish – or even get started.
  • Already invested a ton of time and money in your business with courses and training and coaching but nothing seems to work.
  • Become so busy putting out fires and meeting deadlines that there’s little time to grow and market your business

It's NOT Your Fault!

You are simply missing a proven system that ultra-effective business owners use each and every day to get more done.

All you have to do is show up consistently for at least 15 minutes per day.

How can you do that?  With my.....

Daily Action Marketing System

The Daily Action Marketing System is quick, painless and inexpensive… and will rocket your marketing effectiveness and bottom line business growth and profits into the stratosphere.

Now you can finally get to all of those marketing tasks that are on your to-do list, in a way that is easy, simple and fun!

Things like:

  • Creating a landing page, including writing copy
  • Creating a thank you page for opt-ins
  • Creating a free gift lead magnet
  • Writing the emails to go out after opting in for the gift
  • Finishing your credibility book
  • Making follow-up phone calls
  • Creating a signature talk
  • Warm up your list with blog posts, newsletters, articles
  • Writing guest blog posts
  • Writing articles
  • Writing newsletters
  • Creating an editorial content spreadsheet
  • Creating a Facebook business page
  • Creating or improve your LinkedIn profile
  • Joining LinkedIn groups and participate
  • Starting a Facebook group
  • Creating LinkedIn articles
  • Planning your group program
  • Writing a press release
  • Creating a Facebook ad
  • Creating an Adwords ad (Google)
  • Writing a survey to learn what prospects want
  • Creating course content
  • Creating sales page, including writing copy
  • Creating thank you page
  • Writing all emails in autoresponder sequence for marketing your group
  • Contacting possible JV partners and Planning how to work with them
  • Creating affiliate center
  • Writing emails for affiliates with swipe copy for emails and social media
  • Creating a preview webinar or teleseminar
  • Revising your website
With so many conflicting priorities in our lives, we all put off marketing and business growth projects that are important to us. Or, we might begin them, but quickly get distracted when our attention turns to the next shiny object or deadline-driven event.

Use our simple but powerful online accountability software to share your progress with your small group and your coach, and get help when you're stuck. It's easy!

The focus is on taking daily baby steps, instead of waiting for that elusive burst of inspiration or the fantasy of available time. Fifteen minutes in action is better than ten hours thinking you should do something.

Our not-so-secret sauce creates the perfect recipe for moving forward with those long-desired marketing tasks and projects.

How Daily Action Marketing Works

We work in a 28-day session. At the beginning of each 28-day session, you select your project or goal, break it down into action tasks, then begin with the first task. (If this isn't easy, don't worry - you'll have help.)

Each day you spend time focused on just this task. You decide how long. It might be 30 minutes, but if you don't think you can spare 30, or even 20 minutes, go for 15. Set a timer. The goal is consistency. Slow but steady gets it done.

Part of the unique approach of Daily Action Marketing is learning how effective a very small chunk of time can be.

If you need to skip a day, that's fine. It's the awareness, commitment and group accountability that brings you back.

Complete your task before the session ends? Terrific, just select another that relates to your overall goal and continue the process.

Each day you'll answer a few questions about your progress. Our online software is specifically designed for this and works on all platforms (PC or Mac, desktop, tablet or phone). If you're feeling stuck or blocked, say so. We want to help.

By joining us, you will

Get access to our premium benefits

Small Community Support

The other members of your small group (no more than 12) will read your comments and offer support and encouragement. You'll do the same for them. It's totally confidential for your group.
If someone "falls off the grid," we notice, because the software makes it obvious and we reach out.

Interactive Group Forum

You'll also benefit from forums, where members can post questions and comments to ask members for feedback or review of marketing material. It's like accessing the brains of an advisory board! Your coach will provide additional insight and helpful tips you can use to meet all of your marketing goals.

Video Training and Goal-Setting Call

PLUS, before you get started in the program, you will have access to our video training to explain in detail how the entire process works and show you how to use the software (it's not complicated at all --really!). In addition, there will be one live call to help you set your marketing goal for the 4-week session.

Bonus FAME Reward!

Because I want to encourage a lively, interactive group, I'm also offering a participation reward that I'm calling the FAME Award. Sometimes people sign up for something but don't join in. But the more we post and comment, the stronger the connection, so I encourage you to help create a dynamic group. Just post your progress at least 4 times a week (that's out of 7 days!), and comment to at least 3 people in your group, at least 4 times a week, and you'll get a $48.50 FAME Award refund, lowering your cost to only $48.50 for your first 4-week session. You are eligible for this award only during your first session of the program. 

You have questions?

We have answers!

The Bottom-Line Benefits of Joining Daily Action Marketing

  • check
    Instead of focusing on getting it all done, the focus is on making progress. The result? You’ll finally get it done!
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    This is the perfect solution for people who work alone to share their work with others.
  • check
    It’s a way to prioritize those marketing tasks that will make a long-term difference in your business without interfering with your daily ‘"must-do" list.
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    Because you enter your progress (or not) online and answer specific questions, it’s easy to see what gets in the way or where you get stuck. And it’s fun to celebrate your successes.
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    Your group members and your coach are there to support your efforts in a non-judgmental way – we’re all struggling with our own challenges. And we may have suggestions to help move you forward
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    By supporting your group members, you are both giving back and becoming more involved in ensuring your own progress… and it feels awesome!


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